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3 oz. 
Makes approximately 30 servings


Breastfeeding is fantastic. It’s natural. It’s beautiful. It can also take a surprising amount of effort! If your supply dips now and again, try our Mothers Milk Tea. Made from a combination of powerful herbal galactagogues, our tea has developed a large and avid fan base who are in love with this important and extremely effective tea done right.

Happily, our herbal blend has been consistently voted "Best Tasting Lactation Tea" and "Most Effective Lactation Tea" for five years running, even against the big brands! We're just as excited as you are.


When preparing these loose herbs, you'll need a tea strainer/tea ball. Add one to your order here if you'd like, we've got 'em.


Note well: It should go without saying, but for this product and all of our herbal offerings, the appropriate caveats apply: we are not medical professionals; these statements not approved by the FDA; your mileage may vary; not liable for random side effects or yucky taste, etc etc etc. Be smart, and be empowered to do your own research. This is a product that, after you HAVE done your research, is available to you should you want it.

mother's milk tea

  • Directions: Steep a gently rounded tablespoon of herbs in 8oz of pre-boiling water (if tea water boils, let cool a moment prior to use) and infuse, covered, for 5-8 minutes. Use morning and night, or as needed for the promotion of lactation.


    Taste: Some lactation brews are tough to swallow. This one's delicious sweetened with honey! Taste is "green," with quiet notes of lavender, rose and cinnamon, and a small not-licoricey sweet kick aftertaste from the fennel.


    Contains NO fenugreek or mint. We understand that these are common in lactation teas, but due to the complications that can come from both (baby’s digestive issues and a “maple syrup smell” from fenugreek, and an actual reduction in supply with mint) we've honed a powerful recipe without the use of them. Teas with either one included are easy to find if you're set on those herbs!


    Ingredients: Red raspberry leaf, chamomile, alfalfa, nettle, blessed thistle, lavender, rose petals, fennel, dandelion root, cinnamon bark, and hops.

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