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Hand-forged copper bun pins are strengthened by the hammering that gives them their beauty and character. Copper has been used for centuries in women's adornments because of its radiant warmth and flexibility. These pins will secure your bun quickly, easily, and without the need for hair-damaging elastics. 


You will quickly find your bun pin to be an indispensable part of your go-to routine!


3" arch: perfect for thin hair, half-buns and top knots.
4" arch: excellent starter pin for hair of average thickness and most buns
4" loop: same as the arch with a decorative loop accent
5" arch: best pin for very thick or very long hair

bun pins, pounded copper: various

  • To insert the bun pin, simply wrap the desired amount of hair into a bun (either organically or with a ponytail in elastic as its base). Insert the tines of the pin into the hair through the edge of one side of the bun. Run the tines along the underside, and then have them exit the bun through the other edge. Your bun should be held in place without any pain or pull whatsoever, and securely enough to withstand the day's activities without repositioning.


    Take care not to purposefully bend, stretch or twist your bun pin, as it will warp the design. Everyday use/wear is perfectly fine. 


    Copper develops a natural patina over time that is highly desirable and individual to each piece and its environment. It may even be "reapplied" by buffing the piece back to its original shine and allowing nature to do its work once again. Otherwise, you may simply allow your patina to develop and stay: copper hairpieces have been worn for centuries, and will not affect your hair color. If you choose, you may also buff the piece regularly for a glistening luster.

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