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*Please note: Due to high seasonal demand and small batch sizes, Bugbegone ships as it is prepared. Batches revolve on a weekly basis April 1 through September 3. Next batch will ship 5/2.


4 oz/2 oz, NEW PUMP APPLICATOR and serum-like formula


Ticks and mosquitoes will flea (ha ha, bug joke, get it?) before the botanical blitzkrieg in our all-natural BugBegone. 


Harsh chemicals and DEET are almost as problematic as the pests they try to get rid of. Our formulation uses an entirely natural arsenal of powerful oils to deter biting bugs, including the nefarious tick.


To use: SHAKE WELL. Our new formulation remains emulsified longer thanks to the addition of xantham gum (vegetable based, GF), but it still behooves you to shake. Pump BugBegone into your hands, then spread the serum across shoes, ankles, pant cuffs, and exposed skin bugs/ticks may be likely to nibble. Keep out of eyes. Spot test for sensitivity prior to use, especially on children.


As with all our herbal formulations, BugBegone has been crafted without the use of chemical preservatives. Use within six months.


Ingredients: Aloe vera juice, witch hazel, castor oil, isopropyl alcohol, a blend of essential oils proven to deter ticks/mosquitoes including: lemon eucalyptus, citronella, geranium, cedar, lemongrass, red thyme and palo santo, and xantham gum (vegetable emulsifier)

bugbegone: next ship 5/2

  • DID YOU KNOW? Ticks don't like castor oil. So we used it as a part of our formulation to bind the essential oils. However, this requires a good shaking prior to use in order to re-emulsify the product.


    "What does it smell like?" We get this one a lot. It smells like bug spray. It can't smell like flowers or candy, because then that'd attract the bugs. Ours has a few overtones that make it a bit different than the traditional citronella (because we chose oils particularly formulated against ticks), but that citronella is still quite present. Rose geranium is at the fore.

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