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permanent jewelry

your timeless, everyday accessory

You've grown beyond the braided friendship bracelet of your childhood, but the concept is eternal. A Ten Air Studios permanent bracelet is a 14k gold or argentium silver chain, custom fit and welded seamlessly to itself on your wrist. There are no clasps, and these precious metals never tarnish, creating a beautiful, timeless, and effortless piece for everyday wear. 

Wear just one bracelet or stack multiple styles. Add on a charm or infinity link. The styling possibilities are endless, and reflect you.

Ten Air Studios has linked up with Sanctuary Esthetics in their flagship location right in the heart of beautiful Phoenixville, PA to bring this service to the greater Philadelphia region. You can schedule an appointment via Sanctuary here, or beginning in 2023, contact Ten Air Studios for a private event at your location.

  • How does my chain become linked without a clasp?
    Your artist will use a state-of-the-art German micro-welder to permanently weld the links of your chain together. This eliminates the need for a clasp. This machine is substantially more powerful and graceful than most simple permanent jewelry micro-welders on the market, made specifically for jewelry studio production. This creates the cleanest, longest-lasting jewelry piece you will find.
  • Will my chain tarnish or turn my wrist green?
    No. We use 14k gold and argentium silver, both of which are fine metals. They are sturdy options that are also tarnish-resistant, meaning that they will retain their clean shine over long wear. NOTE: We have added sterling silver charms to our menu of options. Sterling silver may tarnish over time with a wearer's body chemistry or exposure to chemicals/elements, so bear this in mind. However, this tarnish can be removed easily as desired with a polishing cloth.
  • How long does the process take?
    Though the actual welding process is quick, you will want to allow enough time to choose your chain and any design elements and get measured. Allow half an hour for your appointment, though you will probably be finished sooner. There is no limit for how many pieces per appointment!
  • What if I want to remove my jewelry? Will I need to take it off for ___?
    TSA will not ask you to remove fine jewelry to go through security, and jewelry metal will not set off metal detectors. Most medical procedures will not require removal of your jewelry either! This is including MRIs, which often allow diamagnetic metals such as true silver and gold. However, if you do need to remove your bracelet for any reason, simply use kitchen scissors to snip the connecting ring. Save your chain safely in a baggie and come back in for a re-weld.
  • Is there anyone who cannot get this service?
    If you have a pacemaker, you should not get permanent jewelry. Additionally, if you have any metal sensitivities to silver or gold you should not get permanent jewelry. We are happy to apply chains to customers 12 and over with guardian consent and a guardian present at the appointment.
  • How do I take care of my permanent jewelry?
    A little care will extend the life of your bracelet. Though we have chosen chains for their beauty and durability, of course there are limitations! Avoid catching or snagging your chain, particularly the more delicate ones, as this risks deforming or stretching your links. As a custom piece your bracelet is non-refundable: its longevity is in (on) your hands! Please note, Ten Air Studios guarantees an excellent fit and a pristine piece of permanent jewelry, but is not liable for lost or stretched chains.
  • Is the process safe?
    Completely! It's safe, quick, and pain free. However, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond industry standard to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Our artist will never skip two things: first of all, she will lay a strip of leather between your wrist and the chain during the welding process. This is pure precaution, but we embrace that extra layer of protection. And secondly you and any companions who are watching will be given darkened lenses to wear to watch your process. The flash from the weld is tiny but powerful and we want to protect your eyes.
  • How much does it cost on average?
    As it relates to a precious metals service, permanent jewelry costs may fluctuate based on market pricing, like a good steak or seafood at a restaurant. Costs may be updated as necessary; the below reflects current pricing trends. Chain is sold by the inch and we have two tiers of chain pricing in three metal types: 14k gold, 14/20 gold-fill, and argentium silver. Average wrist size tends to be between 6.5-7.5". An average argentium silver bracelet hovers in the $70-100 range; an average 14/20 gold fill bracelet hovers in the $110-140 range; and an average 14k gold bracelet hovers in the $180-220 range. Optional links and embellishments are purchased a la carte and range from $25-70 for gold and $15-50 for sterling. ** Please note: Some permanent jewelry houses across the country will include far more delicate (less durable) gold chains in order to offer the gold menu option more cheaply. We've chosen to skip this. In respect to both your investment and your time, our gold chains are selected specifically for quality and long wear. However, we've opted to include 14/20 gold chains in our lineup for those who are seeking a price-conscious alternative to pure gold. 14/20 gold is 5% pure 14k gold by weight, and this percentage resides entirely on the outer surface of the metal. This is a far thicker coating of gold than on plated items. With care, 14/20 gold has beautiful longevity. *Note: unlike pure 14k or argentium, 14/20 gold IS ferromagnetic. You will have to remove this chain for an MRI.
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Please fill out and bring a completed waiver to your appointment.

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